Albanese Pest Control / Pest Management Services, offers the newest and safest treatments available in the industry today.As protectors of health and property - guardians of the environment - Albanese will generate beneficial economic, ecological, and social directives that will insure the protection of man, his food, and animals from contamination. This responsibility we take very seriously using a knowledgeable selection and use of all pest control activities. Albanese Pest Control directs itself to the continuance of human health, and to provide and maintain a suitable environment in which humankind can live. Treatments are based on the biological and scientific knowledge of maintenance, sanitation and pesticide use. It is designed to achieve the best possible pest control at the most reasonable cost with the least possible amount of environmental contamination. It is an integrated design of modern pest management based upon a combination of systems to achieve maximum results. Sanitation and specially formulated products are integrated tools from which the program was born.

The four major components of Albanese Pest Control/ Pest Management are as follows:


An extensive education program designed for our technicians, to develop professional specialists in pest management, who are thoroughly informed and trained in pest biology and the safe and effective application of pesticides.


An emphasis on sanitation to remove sources of food and water for pests.


The use of mechanical/physical controls to prevent pest entry into structures and to destroy pest harborage.


The use of specially formulated pesticide products which are designed to be applied for the safest and most effective control of structural pests.

The knowledgebase is designed to integrate these points in a program and provide a complete set of scientifically-designed tools for modern pest management.

We provide the newest methods of baiting, dusting, fogging and spraying. These methods leave no odors, stains or mess that are usually left behind.

We apply and micro-inject all materials in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USDA and FDA Codes and Regulations.

Each of our pest control technicians are trained professionals, who have the knowledge to handle any possible pest problems you may have. We service all kinds of commercial and residential buildings, hotels, ships, restaurants, fast food chains and any type of structural layout.Albanese Pest Control can custom design an engineered, intergraded pest management program for your specific pest problems. We will eliminate and prevent a reinfestation from ever occurring again.

It is important to note that Albanese Pest Control does not guarantee you will never see another roach or rodent in your establishment again, since roaches and rodents can enter at any time in deliveries or through an opening to the outside or by way of ceiling, pipeways and common wall from other business not treated by Albanese Pest Control. However, we do guarantee that because of the thoroughness of our service, newly introduced pests that enter will die without having the opportunity to nest and breed.

Albanese Pest Control is considered by its customers and by the industry to be a premium pest control company. There is really no comparison to Albanese Pest Control. We apply constant and consistent pressure, plus a fear of loss to ourselves, with our guarantees.

We are members of the National Pest Control Association and State Pest Control Associations, enabling us to stay up-to-date on all industry changes. Therefore, we can provide you with the most effective and professional pest control service, Albanese Pest Control is staffed with technicians trained, skilled and devoted to the effective and safe use of pesticides.

All labor and material will be furnished to provide the most efficient pest control and maximum safety required by federal, state and city regulations.

Albanese Pest Control Performs
Other Pest Control Services, including:

 - Fumigation
eg: Artifacts for Treatment of Wood Boring Beetles
- Wood Prevention Control 
Moisture Control, Wood Rot, Wood Decay/Fungi, Wood Destroying Organisms, Wood Water Proofing

If any additional literature is needed or if you would rather have a consultation with one of our specialists, please feel free to contact us at (718) 232-5507 any time.