Appearance: Adult 9/16-inch long, brownish-yellow with two characteristic dark stripes on the anterior, dorsal portion (protum) of the thorax. Adults of both sexes have well developed wings (but they seldom fly). 
Preferred Environment: Warm (85F to 95F), humid places, eg. near dishwashers, stoves, sinks. Egg Capsules: Light brown, less than 1/4 inch long (more than twice as long as wide) and showing about 16 external divisions. Each capsule contains up to 48 eggs (usually 30 to 40 eggs). At room temperatures one capsule is produced about every six weeks. The egg capsules are carried protruding from the abdomen until hatching time, when they are deposited in crevices and other sheltered locations.


Appearance: Adult 1 1/2 inches long, chestnut brown with light marking around the dorsal surface of the thoracic shield. Both sexes have welldeveloped wings which extend beyond the abdomen in males.
Preferred Environment: Warm (85F to 95F), damp places, eg decaying vegetation, sewers, garbage, steam tunnels. Egg Capsules: Dark brown, symmetrically shaped, about 5/16-inch long length less than twice width). Each capsule contains 16 eggs. Usually one capsule is produced each week and these are often glued to a hidden surface. The total number of capsules ranges from about 15 to 90.


Appearance: Adults about 1/2 inch long, brown, and lacking the dark stripes on the pronotum. Well-developed wings covering all or most of abdomen. Females are broader and shorter than males. The wings have two characteristic brownish-yellow stripes.
Preferred Environment: Warm (over 80F) locations, above ground level, eg. shelving in closets, behind pictures and picture moldings, kitchen drawers. Commonly found further from water source than German Cockroaches. Egg Capsules: Yellowish or reddish-brown, 3/16-inch long (with length less than twice width) and showing about 8 external divisions. Each egg capsule contains up to 18 eggs. The capsule is carried for 24 to 36 hours before the female fastens it on walls, ceilings and in hidden locations.


Appearance: Adult 1 1/4" inches long, over all mahogany brown. Well-developed wings extending beyond abdomen in both sexes.
Preferred Environment: Warm (85F to 95F), humid places, eg. decaying outdoor vegetation, sewers, greenhouses. Egg capsules: Dark brown, each containing 24 eggs. About 17 capsules are produced and they are usually glued to a surface.


Appearance: Adult approximately 1 1/4 inches long and somewhat broader than the American Cockroach. Dark, reddish-brown with well-developed wings in both sexes but not as long in the male as in the male American cock-roach.
Preferred Environment: Warm (80F to 90F), humid places - eg. outdoors under vegetation, sewers, garbage heaps. Egg Capsles: Brown, 112 inch long capsules with lateral indentations and a terminal point. Each capsule contains 24 eggs. Securely glued to surfaces when deposited.

Length of Various Stages: Similar to American Cockroach.